RENTAL | Professional Lightshow



Technical and art support of show

To put the equipment on a platform – not the most important thing. It is necessary to spend show so that the spectator has not felt personnel presence at festival or a concert, and was completely gave to a show. When light or a sound when the light picture at all does not correspond to an event on a scene is unexpectedly switched off and any vanity and bustle – here the spectator begins and recollects those who works on the given action, and recollects not the best words.

Our technical experts and artists all over the world work so that the spectator forgets about our presence and enjoys an event on a scene.


Light devices – very difficult modern equipment which demands constant preventive maintenance and service by the qualified experts. Engineers service of the centre of company "Рентал" have passed training in the London branch Vari*Lite on repair and maintenance service of the professional light equipment. To save on service – means to doom itself to unexpected disappointments and misses. We offer flexible variants of schedules of service of the equipment which will allow you to put on it the optimum budget.

Guarantee and postwarranty service

For a long time times when after delivery of the equipment the seller joyfully rubbed hands have left and forgot about the buyer, counting up profit. Difficult devices demand periodic replacement of some accessories, and sometimes, even in the most perfect technics, something breaks. Light devices are very difficult, and independent repairing or planned repair as a rule, lead to pitiable result. We in perfection know technics whom we deliver. Guarantee and postwarranty service of devices which we sell, not only pledge of your success in equipment operation, but also our duty.

 Preliminary preparation of light show in WYSIWYG studio

- Give here to the red we will fill in.

- No, give dark blue?

- Well give!

- Hey! Who there dark blue has filled in all?!!!

Such conversations on office communication are excluded, if your show is prepared in our studio WYSIWYG. Software WYSIWYG allows to consider all for competent construction of show – the sizes of a premise, quantity of devices, opinion of the producer, growth of the actor and colour of its hair (and unless it is not important?) – you save time, nerves, and come on a platform with absolutely ready запрограммированым the decision. We offer not only our services in working out and record of the light scenario – you can independently, having rented time in studio, to make the project «from zero».