RENTAL | Professional Lightshow


RENTAL ompany are  based in 2000 and less than for five years became one of leaders in the field of hire of the lighting equipment. Successful development of the company is caused not only high professionalism and a wide experience of work of the technical and creative personnel, but also that in our work the best equipment is applied only: Vari*Lite, Syncrolite, Robert Juliat, Slick, Lode Star — these world famous brands of art light use for statements of shows Madonna, U2, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode and many other things. In company RENTAL warehouse more than three hundred light devices Vari*Lite and about semikilometer of light farms of English firm Slick. We are proud that in our collection there are unique devices capacity 7 the American firm Syncrolite well-known and that the best experts of the world collect each device manually. In our park of the equipment a considerable quantity of auxiliary devices of type PAR, Blinder, ACL, light-emitting diode devices, capacity from 100 to 100 Vt and set of other special devices allowing even to the most refined artist all over the world to create unique light show.

For 9 years of successful work the company worked in all corners of the country from Siberia to Kaliningrad and Briansona. In our track record:

  • New Year reception of the President of the Russian Federation in the Big Kremlin palace and on the Cathedral square of the Kremlin 2002-2006
  • Annual celebrating of the Great Victory on Red Square, including the Victory 60 anniversary in 2005 on which there were 67 presidents of the leading countries of the World
  • Annual celebrating of Day of the Russian Flag on Red Square on 12th of June
  • Annual festivals: "Eurovision" (the Moscow studio), «the Slavic market» (Vitebsk), Five stars (Sochi), "Invasion" (), New songs about the main thing;
  • Programs in "Olympic": «60 years without war», Retro FM in San Remo, the Chanson of year, the Award of MuzTv, Factory of Stars, "Mirage", Annual congresses of corporation Vision and . Other;
  • Concert programs in the Palace of sports and on Small sports arena in Luzniki: MOBY, Prodigy, Alisa, the Spleen, «Fate Legends», M.Butyrskoj, E.Pljushchenko, I.Averbuha's Ice shows and many other;
  • Concert programs in the State Kremlin palace: Anniversary of group "", Scorpions, Opening of year of China in Russia, G.Leps, V.Meladze, I.Allegrova, V.Malezhik, O.Gazmanov, S.Aznavur and many other;
  • Television shows: "Biscuit", « M.Galkin's Show », I.Urganta's Show , minute of glory, "Draw", "Benefit performance", Saturday evening and others;
  • Shooting of a feature film of E.Ryazanov «Karnavalnaja night-2»;
  • New Year's sparks of television channels: the First, Russia, [Central TV], NTV — «the First night with O.Menshikov», RenTv not Blue spark;
  • Annual awards: , «the Gold record player», "Muses-tv", the Gold Mask, the Gold detail, "Heart of gold", "Persons of the year", "Record", etc.;

    With pride we will add that the personnel of the company and our equipment have been invited to work in France on shootings of grand show of the First Channel «Lord of mountain» in January of this year.

    The listed projects — only small part of our works. Thus company RENTAL does the basic accent on maintenance of television shootings, programs and concerts by the high-quality light equipment of which in 2000 was not in the country IN GENERAL.

    Progress is not necessary on a place. The Companies-manufacturers constantly develop and let out more and more interesting devices on the market. We always in a course of world novelties also are one of the first who gets and applies the advanced equipment. Our strategy — to work today on that equipment which will appear at the competitor only tomorrow.

    RENTAL Company is distinguished by high professionalism and the creative approach to any task in view. The customer can be assured that we will put optimum quantity of the equipment, we will fulfil with exact observance of the schedule, and the creative party of statement at the highest level.

    Working with us, you raise level of own projects. For us there are no "significant" or works "through passage". Any order — is important. And we fulfil it with due professionalism.