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Фестиваль "Славянский Базар"

Фестиваль "Славянский Базар"

Фестиваль "Славянский Базар"

Фестиваль "Славянский Базар"

WYSIWYG studio

Software WYSIWYG* allows to consider all for competent construction of show — the sizes of a premise, quantity of devices, opinion of the producer, growth of the actor and colour of its hair (and unless it is not important?) — you save time, nerves, and come on a platform with absolutely ready programmed decision. We offer not only our services in working out and record of the light scenario — you can independently, having rented time in studio, to make the project «from zero».

The block of software products WYSIWYG, which has been developed specially for professional artists all over the world, offers дипазон decisions which is capable to satisfy requirements of developers, assistants, electroassemblers, the console operators advanced and novice users.

WYSIWYG — essential means that:

  • To move apart frameworks of creative freedom
  • To save time
  • To reduce quantity of involved worker
  • To cut expenses

The logic of the block of products WYSIWYG — any product of higher level contains all characteristics of products of the bottom level.

Less than for one day of development you can start to work with WYSIWYG. Release itself for free creativity; try improbable possibilities of which you and did not dream. WYSIWYG will allow to use as much as possible possibilities and potential of the equipment which you have. You can really see, how new devices will embody your creative plan before rent, we will get and establish them. As soon as your project will be finished, WYSIWYG , will generate material support: schedules, specifications, scenarios, colours and gobo lists — all is generated automatically! 

WYSIWYG will help you to become even more demanded professional of light show!

Simple and accessible in work,  WYSIWYG will change your sights at project illumination.

*WYSIWYG - reduction from What You See Is What You Get, English that you see, you will receive, it is said as "vi-zi-vig" — a way of editing at which the edited material in the course of editing looks in accuracy the same as also an end result. Usually this term is used concerning word-processors, but can be applied and to other types of applied programs. The term has been thought up in research centre Xerox PARC.

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